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Testing Services

We provide testing for individuals aged 6 and over.  Testing can help clarify a diagnosis, determine level of functioning, help an individual gain a better understanding of themselves, and provide treatment recommendations. Individuals are often referred for testing when their physician, specialist, therapist, parents, or school has questions that cannot be uncovered by a clinical interview. We specialize in Autism diagnosis, ADHD, diagnostic clarification, learning disability, Bariatric evaluations, and Memory and Cognitive Decline. 


We specialize in the diagnosis of  Autism Spectrum Disorder and acknowledge the current diagnostic criteria may not be sensitive to pick up on how Autism presents in individuals with more subtle presentation or less stereotypical presentations of Autism. Our practice focuses on the assessment and diagnosis of Autism in girls, women, and adults who were not diagnosed during childhood even though their Autistic characteristics were present in their developmental period. 


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The executive functioning deficits that exist within ADHD exist on a continuum within individuals. The impairments that occur within ADHD can make it very challenging for individuals to complete tasks and homework in a timely manner, plan and organize, switch from one task to another, have difficulty getting started on tasks, and feel they do not know where to begin. 


Learning Disabilities

Undiagnosed Learning disabilities can have a negative impact on a student's performance and that may eventually lead to problems with self-esteem. We provide thorough testing which helps identify a student's strengths, identify individualized recommendations, and help guide them towards the proper interventions. 


Diagnostic Clarification

Testing can also be useful when an individual is not responding to individual therapy or pharmacological interventions. Individuals and treatment providers may refer an individual for testing with the goal of yielding an accurate diagnosis, which helps guide treatment and helps an individuals better understand themselves. 


Bariatric Evaluations

Bariatric evaluations are performed a a part of the process an individual undergoes to be determine their appropriateness for Bariatric surgery. 


Memory and Cognitive Decline

Memory and cognitive evaluations are done to assess an individual and help determine if they are experiencing memory loss. 

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